1. Beaverton Central Station

SW Hall Rd north of Canyon Road, Beaverton, OR

2. Beaverton Transit Center Station

4050 SW Lombard Ave, Beaverton, OR

3. Elmonica Southwest 170th Ave Station

1200 SW 170th Avenue, Beaverton, OR

4. Merlo Road Southwest 158th Avenue Station

Southwest Merlo Road and 158th Ave, Beaverton, OR

5. Beaverton Creek Station

Southwest 153rd Dr and Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR

6. Millikan Way Station

SW Millikan Way and One Hundred Forty First Avenue, Beaverton, OR

7. Southeast Fuller Road Station

9608 SE Fuller Road, Clackamas , OR

8. East 172nd Avenue Station

E Burnside and 172nd Avenue, Gresham, OR

9. East 181st Avenue Station

E Burnsdie and 181st Avenue, Gresham, OR

10. Rockwood East 188th Avenue Station

E Burnsdie and 188th Avenue, Gresham, OR

11. Ruby Junction East 197th Avenue Station

SE Burnside and 197th Avenue, Gresham, OR

12. Civic Drive Station

1413 NW Civic Drive, Gresham, OR

13. Gresham City Hall Station

1297 NE Eastman Parkway, Gresham , OR

14. Gresham Central Transit Center Station

350 NE 8th Street, Gresham, OR

15. Cleveland Avenue Station

1200 NE 8th Avenue, Gresham, OR

16. Clackamas Town Center Transit Center Station

9225 SE Sunnyside Road, Happy Valley, OR

17. Hatfield Government Center MAX Station

SW Washington and Adams, Hillsboro, OR

18. Hatfield Government Center Station

110 Southwest Washington St, Hillsboro, OR

19. Hillsboro Central Southeast 3rd Ave Transit Center Station

333 Southeast Washington St, Hillsboro, OR

20. Tuality Hospital Southeast 8th Avenue Station

Southeast Eighth Ave and Washington St, Hillsboro, OR

21. Washington Southeast 12th Avenue Station

Southeast Washington St and Twelth Ave, Hillsboro, OR

22. Fair Complex Hillsboro Airport Station

601 Northeast Thirty-fourth Avenue, Hillsboro, OR

23. Hawthorn Farm Station

Northeast Elam Young Parkway South of Cornell Road, Hillsboro, OR

24. Orenco Northwest 231st Ave Station

NE Orenco Station Pkwy and Campus Ct, Hillsboro, OR

25. Quatama Northwest 205th Ave Station

350 NW 205th Avenue, Hillsboro, OR

26. Willow Creek Southwest Station

395 Southwest 185th Avenue, Hillsboro, OR

27. Sunset Transit Center Station

10470 Southwest Barnes Road, Portland, OR

28. Washington Park Station

In Washington Pk near Oregon Zoo, Portland , OR

29. Goose Hollow SW Jefferson St Station

SW 18th Ave and Jefferson St, Portland, OR

30. Kings Hill Southwest Salmon Station

Southwest 18th Avenue and Salmon St, Portland, OR

31. Jeld Wen Field Station

Southwest 18th and Morrison , Portland, OR

32. Galleria Southwest 10th Avenue Station

SW Tenth and Morrison , Portland, OR

33. Library Southwest 9th Avenue Station

SW Ninth and Yamhill , Portland, OR

34. Pioneer Square North Station

SW Sixth and Yamhill , Portland, OR

35. Pioneer Square South Station

SW Broadway and Morrison , Portland, OR

36. Mall Southwest 5th Avenue Station

SW Fifth and Morrison, Portland, OR

37. Mall Southwest 4th Avenue Station

SW Fourth and Yamhill , Portland, OR

38. Morrison Southwest 3rd Avenue Station

SW Third and Morrison, Portland, OR

39. Yamhill District Station

SW First and Yamhill, Portland, OR

40. Oak Street Southwest 1st Avenue Station

SW Oak Street and First Avenue, Portland, OR

41. Skidmore Fountain Station

SW First Ave below Burnside Bridge, Portland, OR

42. Old Town Chinatown Station

NW First Ave andDavis St, Portland, OR

43. Union Station NW 6th and Hoyt St Station

NW 6th and Hoyt, Portland, OR

44. Union Station NW 5th and Glisan St Station

NW 5th and Glisan, Portland, OR

45. Northwest 6th and Davis Street Station

NW 6th and Davis, Portland, OR

46. Northwest 5th and Couch Street Station

NW 5th and Couch, Portland, OR

47. Southwest 6th and Pine Street Station

SW 6th and Pine, Portland, OR

48. Southwest 5th and Oak Street Station

SW 5th and Oak , Portland, OR

49. Pioneer Courthouse Southwest 6th Station

SW 6th and Morrison, Portland, OR

50. Pioneer Place Southwest 5th Station

SW 5th and Yamhill, Portland, OR

51. Southwest 6th and Madison Street Station

SW 6th and Madison, Portland, OR

52. City Hall Southwest 5th and Jefferson St Station

SW 5th and Jefferson, Portland, OR

53. PSU Urban Center SW 6th and Montgomery St Station

SW 6th and Montgomery, Portland, OR

54. PSU Urban Center SW 5th and Mill Street Station

SW 5th and Mill, Portland, OR

55. PSU South Southwest 6th and College Street Station

SW 6th and College, Portland, OR

56. PSU South Southwest 5th and Jackson Street Station

SW 5th and Jackson, Portland, OR

57. Interstate Rose Quarter Station

Interstate Drive and NE Holladay St, Portland, OR

58. Albina Mississippi Station

2599 N Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR

59. Overlook Park Station

3698 North Interstate Ave, Portland, OR

60. North Prescott Street Station

4498 North Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR

61. North Killingsworth Street Station

5598 North Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR

62. North Rosa Parks Way Station

6598 North Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR

63. North Lombard Transit Center Station

North Interstate Ave and Lombard St, Portland, OR

64. Kenton North Denver Avenue Station

8399 North Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR

65. Delta Park Vanport Station

1490 North Victory Boulevard, Portland, OR

66. Expo Center Station

2060 North Marine Drive, Portland, OR

67. Rose Quarter Transit Center Station

47 Northeast Holladay Street, Portland, OR

68. Convention Center Station

NE Holladay Street and MLK Jr. Blvd., Portland, OR

69. Northeast 7th Avenue Station

Northeast Holladay St and Seventh, Portland, OR

70. Lloyd Center Northeast 11th Avenue Station

NE Holladay Street and 11th Avenue, Portland, OR

71. Hollywood Northeast 42nd Ave Transit Center Station

1410 Northeast 42nd Avenue, Portland, OR

72. Northeast 60th Avenue Station

Northeast Sixtieth Ave near Oregon St, Portland, OR

73. Northeast 82nd Avenue Station

Northeast 82nd Ave and Halsey St, Portland, OR

74. Gateway Northeat 99th Ave Transit Center Station

9900 Northeast Multnomah Street, Portland, OR

75. Parkrose Sumner Transit Center Station

9481 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR

76. Cascades Station

NE Cascades and Mt Saint Helens Ave, Portland, OR

77. Mount Hood Avenue Station

NE Cascades Parkway and Mt Hood Ave, Portland, OR

78. Portland International Airport Station

7000 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR

79. Southeast Main Street Station

1119 SE 96th Avenue, Portland, OR

80. Southeast Division Street Station

9402 SE Division St, Portland, OR

81. Southeast Powell Boulevard Station

3618 SE 92nd Avenue, Portland, OR

82. Southeast Holgate Boulevard Station

9369 SE Holgate Boulevard, Portland, OR

83. Lents Town Center SE Foster Road Station

9451 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR

84. Southeast Flavel Street Station

9648 SE Flavel Street, Portland, OR

85. East 102nd Avenue Station

E Burnside and 102nd Avenue, Portland, OR

86. East 122nd Avenue Station

E Burnside and 122nd Avenue, Portland, OR

87. East 148th Avenue Station

E Burnside and 148th Avenue, Portland, OR

88. East 162nd Avenue Station

E Burnside and 162nd Avenue, Portland, OR