1. Girard Station Station

1200 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA

2. Broad St And Girard Ave Station

Broad St & Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA

3. Girard Station

1200 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA

4. Front St And Girard Ave Station

Front St & Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA

5. Suburban Station Station

1617 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA

6. 15th Station

15th & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

7. 15th Street Station

15th St & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

8. 13th Juniper Station

Market St Between 13th & Juniper St, Philadelphia, PA

9. 13th Street Station

13th St & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

10. 19th Street Station

19th & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

11. 22nd Street Station

22nd & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

12. 30th Street Station

30th & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

13. 30th Street Station

30th St & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

14. 34th And Girard Ave Station

34th & Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA

15. 33rd Street Station

33rd & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

16. Sansom Common 36th Station

36th & Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA

17. Girard Av And 40th St Station

W Girard Ave & N 40th St, Philadelphia, PA

18. Filbert St And 40th St Station

Filbert St & 40th St, Philadelphia, PA

19. 37th And Spruce Station

37th & Spruce, Philadelphia, PA

20. 40th St And Market Station

40th St & Market, Philadelphia, PA

21. 40th Street Station

40th St & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

22. 40th St Portal Station

Woodland Ave & Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA

23. Richmond And Westmoreland Sts Station

Richmond & Westmoreland St, Philadelphia, PA

24. 49th Street Station Station

49th St & Chester Ave, Philadelphia, PA

25. Chester Av And 49th St Station

Chester Av & 49th St, Philadelphia, PA

26. 63rd St And Girard Ave Station

63rd St & Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA

27. 63rd St And Malvern Ave Station

63rd St & Malvern Ave, Philadelphia, PA

28. Mt Moriah Station

Kingsessing & Cemetery Ave, Philadelphia, PA

29. 61st St And Baltimore Ave Station

61st St & Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA

30. 69th Street Terminal Station

69th & Market St, Upper Darby, PA

31. 69th Street Terminal Station

69th St & Market St, Upper Darby, PA

32. Yeadon Station

Chester Ave & Church Ln, Yeadon, PA

33. Fairfield Ave Station

Fairfield Ave & Terminal Square, Upper Darby, PA

34. Walnut St Station

Garrett Rd & Walnut St, Upper Darby, PA

35. Avon Rd Station

Garrett Rd & Avon Rd, Upper Darby, PA

36. Hilltop Rd Station

Garrett & Hilltop Rd, Upper Darby, PA

37. Beverly Blvd Station

Garrett Rd & Beverly Blvd, Upper Darby, PA

38. Main St And 4th St Station

Main St & 4th St, Darby, PA

39. Darby Transportation Center Station

9th St & Ridge Ave, Darby, PA

40. Congress Ave Station

Garrett Rd & Congress Ave, Upper Darby, PA

41. Eastwick Station

80th St & Eastwick Ave, Philadelphia, PA

42. Lansdowne Ave Station

Garrett Rd & Lansdowne Ave, Upper Darby, PA

43. Drexel Park Station

Fairfax Rd & Hillcrest Rd, Drexel Hill, PA

44. Irvington Rd Station

Irvington Rds & Hillcrest Rds, Drexel Hill, PA

45. Drexel Hill Junction Station

Hillcrest Rd & Shadeland Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

46. Garrettford Station

Edmonds Ave & Garrett Rd, Drexel Hill, PA

47. Drexel Manor Station

Burmont Rd & Cheswold Rd, Drexel Hill, PA

48. Huey Ave Station

Huey & Edmonds Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

49. School Lane Station

School Ln & Edmonds Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

50. Clifton Alden Station

699 S Springfield Rd & Maryland Rd, Clifton Heights, PA

51. Clifton Aldan Station

Springfield Rd & W Maryland Ave, Clifton Heights, PA

52. Marshell Rd Station

Marshall & Cheswold Rds, Drexel Hill, PA

53. Baltimore Ave Station

E Baltimore Ave & Ogden St, Clifton Heights, PA

54. Creek Rd Station

Darby Creek Rd At Railroad, Drexel Hill, PA

55. Penn St Station

E Broadway Ave & S Penn St, Clifton Heights, PA

56. North St Station

Woodlawn Ave & North St, Collingdale, PA

57. Magnolia Ave Station

S Woodlawn Ave & W Magnolia Ave, Aldan, PA

58. Providence Rd Station

Woodlawn Ave & Providence Rd, Clifton Heights, PA

59. Springfield Rd Route 102 Station

S Springfield Rd & E Madison Ave, Clifton Heights, PA

60. Bartram Ave Station

Woodlawn & Bartram Ave, Collingdale, PA

61. Andrews Ave Station

Woodlawn & Andrews Ave, Collingdale, PA

62. Macdade Blvd Station

Woodlawn Ave & Macdade Blvd, Collingdale, PA

63. Sharon Hill Station

1402 Chester Pike, Sharon Hill, PA

64. Aronimink Station

Burmont Rd & Morgan Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

65. Anderson Ave Station

Anderson & Woodland Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

66. Drexelbrook Station

Wildell Rd South Of Woodland Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

67. Drexeline Station

Woodland Ave Behind Drexeline Shopping Center, Drexel Hill, PA

68. Scenic Rd Station

Scenic & Rolling Rds, Springfield, PA

69. Springfield Rd Route 101 Station

Rolling Rd & Springfield Ave, Springfield, PA

70. Saxer Ave Station

Saxer Ave & Rolling Rd, Springfield, PA

71. Leamy Ave Station

Leamy Ave & Rolling Rd, Springfield, PA

72. Woodland Ave Station

Woodland Ave & Rolling Rd, Springfield, PA

73. Thomson Ave Station

Thomson Ave & Sidman Dr (cannot Locate), Springfield, PA

74. Springfield Mall Station

Sproul Rd Behind Springfield Mall, Springfield, PA

75. Paper Mill Rd Station

Paper Mill Rd At Smedley Park, Springfield, PA

76. Pine Ridge Station

Pine Ridge Dr & Beechwood Rd, Springfield, PA

77. Beatty Rd Station

Beatty Rd & Surrey Rd, Media, PA

78. Providence Rd Station

Providence Rd & State St, Media, PA

79. Manchester Ave Station

State St & Manchester Ave, Media, PA

80. Edgmont St Station

State & Edgmont St, Media, PA

81. Monroe St Station

State & Monroe St, Media, PA

82. Jackson St Station

State & Jackson St, Media, PA

83. Olive St Station

State & Olive St, Media, PA

84. Veterans Sq Station

Veterans Square & State St, Media, PA

85. Orange St Station

State & Orange St, Media, PA