1. Magnolia Ave Station

S Woodlawn Ave & W Magnolia Ave, Aldan, PA

2. Clifton Alden Station

699 S Springfield Rd & Maryland Rd, Clifton Heights, PA

3. Providence Rd Station

Woodlawn Ave & Providence Rd, Clifton Heights, PA

4. Penn St Station

E Broadway Ave & S Penn St, Clifton Heights, PA

5. Springfield Rd Route 102 Station

S Springfield Rd & E Madison Ave, Clifton Heights, PA

6. Clifton Aldan Station

Springfield Rd & W Maryland Ave, Clifton Heights, PA

7. Baltimore Ave Station

E Baltimore Ave & Ogden St, Clifton Heights, PA

8. Bartram Ave Station

Woodlawn & Bartram Ave, Collingdale, PA

9. Andrews Ave Station

Woodlawn & Andrews Ave, Collingdale, PA

10. Macdade Blvd Station

Woodlawn Ave & Macdade Blvd, Collingdale, PA

11. North St Station

Woodlawn Ave & North St, Collingdale, PA

12. Main St And 4th St Station

Main St & 4th St, Darby, PA

13. Darby Transportation Center Station

9th St & Ridge Ave, Darby, PA

14. Aronimink Station

Burmont Rd & Morgan Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

15. Anderson Ave Station

Anderson & Woodland Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

16. Drexel Park Station

Fairfax Rd & Hillcrest Rd, Drexel Hill, PA

17. Irvington Rd Station

Irvington Rds & Hillcrest Rds, Drexel Hill, PA

18. Drexelbrook Station

Wildell Rd South Of Woodland Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

19. Drexel Hill Junction Station

Hillcrest Rd & Shadeland Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

20. Drexeline Station

Woodland Ave Behind Drexeline Shopping Center, Drexel Hill, PA

21. Garrettford Station

Edmonds Ave & Garrett Rd, Drexel Hill, PA

22. Drexel Manor Station

Burmont Rd & Cheswold Rd, Drexel Hill, PA

23. Marshell Rd Station

Marshall & Cheswold Rds, Drexel Hill, PA

24. Creek Rd Station

Darby Creek Rd At Railroad, Drexel Hill, PA

25. Huey Ave Station

Huey & Edmonds Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

26. School Lane Station

School Ln & Edmonds Ave, Drexel Hill, PA

27. Beatty Rd Station

Beatty Rd & Surrey Rd, Media, PA

28. Providence Rd Station

Providence Rd & State St, Media, PA

29. Manchester Ave Station

State St & Manchester Ave, Media, PA

30. Edgmont St Station

State & Edgmont St, Media, PA

31. Monroe St Station

State & Monroe St, Media, PA

32. Jackson St Station

State & Jackson St, Media, PA

33. Olive St Station

State & Olive St, Media, PA

34. Veterans Sq Station

Veterans Square & State St, Media, PA

35. Orange St Station

State & Orange St, Media, PA

36. Suburban Station Station

1617 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA

37. 19th Street Station

19th & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

38. 22nd Street Station

22nd & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

39. 30th Street Station

30th & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

40. Sansom Common 36th Station

36th & Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA

41. Girard Av And 40th St Station

W Girard Ave & N 40th St, Philadelphia, PA

42. 33rd Street Station

33rd & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

43. 34th And Girard Ave Station

34th & Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA

44. 40th St Portal Station

Woodland Ave & Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA

45. 37th And Spruce Station

37th & Spruce, Philadelphia, PA

46. Filbert St And 40th St Station

Filbert St & 40th St, Philadelphia, PA

47. 40th St And Market Station

40th St & Market, Philadelphia, PA

48. 40th Street Station

40th St & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

49. 30th Street Station

30th St & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

50. 13th Juniper Station

Market St Between 13th & Juniper St, Philadelphia, PA

51. 15th Station

15th & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

52. 15th Street Station

15th St & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

53. 13th Street Station

13th St & Market St, Philadelphia, PA

54. Girard Station Station

1200 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA

55. Girard Station

1200 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA

56. Front St And Girard Ave Station

Front St & Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA

57. Broad St And Girard Ave Station

Broad St & Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA

58. Richmond And Westmoreland Sts Station

Richmond & Westmoreland St, Philadelphia, PA

59. Mt Moriah Station

Kingsessing & Cemetery Ave, Philadelphia, PA

60. 49th Street Station Station

49th St & Chester Ave, Philadelphia, PA

61. Chester Av And 49th St Station

Chester Av & 49th St, Philadelphia, PA

62. 61st St And Baltimore Ave Station

61st St & Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA

63. 63rd St And Malvern Ave Station

63rd St & Malvern Ave, Philadelphia, PA

64. 63rd St And Girard Ave Station

63rd St & Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA

65. Eastwick Station

80th St & Eastwick Ave, Philadelphia, PA

66. Sharon Hill Station

1402 Chester Pike, Sharon Hill, PA

67. Pine Ridge Station

Pine Ridge Dr & Beechwood Rd, Springfield, PA

68. Paper Mill Rd Station

Paper Mill Rd At Smedley Park, Springfield, PA

69. Scenic Rd Station

Scenic & Rolling Rds, Springfield, PA

70. Springfield Rd Route 101 Station

Rolling Rd & Springfield Ave, Springfield, PA

71. Saxer Ave Station

Saxer Ave & Rolling Rd, Springfield, PA

72. Leamy Ave Station

Leamy Ave & Rolling Rd, Springfield, PA

73. Woodland Ave Station

Woodland Ave & Rolling Rd, Springfield, PA

74. Thomson Ave Station

Thomson Ave & Sidman Dr (cannot Locate), Springfield, PA

75. Springfield Mall Station

Sproul Rd Behind Springfield Mall, Springfield, PA

76. Lansdowne Ave Station

Garrett Rd & Lansdowne Ave, Upper Darby, PA

77. Congress Ave Station

Garrett Rd & Congress Ave, Upper Darby, PA

78. Beverly Blvd Station

Garrett Rd & Beverly Blvd, Upper Darby, PA

79. 69th Street Terminal Station

69th & Market St, Upper Darby, PA

80. Fairfield Ave Station

Fairfield Ave & Terminal Square, Upper Darby, PA

81. Walnut St Station

Garrett Rd & Walnut St, Upper Darby, PA

82. Avon Rd Station

Garrett Rd & Avon Rd, Upper Darby, PA

83. Hilltop Rd Station

Garrett & Hilltop Rd, Upper Darby, PA

84. 69th Street Terminal Station

69th St & Market St, Upper Darby, PA

85. Yeadon Station

Chester Ave & Church Ln, Yeadon, PA